What It Is and How To Use It

The WARBL2 Configuration Tool uses MIDI to customize the WARBL2 Settings. It is accessible two ways, both of which are graphically identical and produce the same results in a Connected WARBL2:

  • As a Web Page in any Web MIDI-aware Web browser, or
  • Using the dedicated WARBL iOS/iPadOS App

There is no dedicated WARBL Android App at this time.

As it is a Web App, it works using a Suitable Web Browser in any modern Operating System (OS), including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and Android.

In a Compatible Web Browser

The Configuration Tool Web Page is at https://warbl.xyz/configure.html

Because the Configuration Tool uses the relatively new Web MIDI Protocol, your Web browser must support Web MIDI.

These currently include:

Safari unfortunately does not yet support Web MIDI.

On an iPhone or iPad

On iOS devices you can use the free WARBL app, generously made by Michael Eskin of Appcordions.